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Arcipelago della Maddalena
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Boat Details

Boat Name: Paolo's Boat

Make: Tempest


Length: 6 Meters

Passengers: 5

Captain or Guide available for hire: Yes

Boat Description

Private Tour - I have been driving around these islands for over 15 years and I know all the places by heart. I will be able to show you all the best beaches without the crowds of the big boats and we can decide where to go. We offer touring the islands of Maddalena or the island of Corsica which are both the calmest and most turquoise water you will ever see in your life.

Full day price:450.00450.00550.0010:00 AM TO 5:00 PM
Half day am price:250.00300.00250.0010:00 AM TO 1:00 PM
Half day pm price:250.00300.00300.002:00 PM TO 5:00 PM


Rental Details

Requirements: What I’ll provide 1 glass prosecco or beer ?? Water bottles, Coca cola Sardinian apperitivo Sausage, Cheese and bread What should your guests bring? Towels, Sunscreen, Walking Shoes, Lunch - you need to bring a light lunch. Sandwich or Salad, Sun Protection, like glasses and a hat

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Owner #: Paolo

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Area and Attractions:

We have a few tours available. But our famous one is: 1st stop - once we get to Budelli island - we will visit the famous pink beach for pictures at spiggia cavaliere for a swim 2nd stop - we will go see the "passo degli asinelli" to take pictures 3rd stop - we will go for a swin at the the island of Santa Maria , where there is 2 very beautiful natural swimming pools 4th stop - - we will go see the "passo del topo" to take pictures 5th stop -then we will go to the other large beach of Santa Marie where we can have an apperitivo and you can eat your lunch and have some free time to do what you want. Ex: swim, take a walk, drink, etc 6th stop- After our longest stop, we will go visit Spargi Island , the last one to visit , about 15 minutes of boat ride. Once arrived we will stop at the beach - Cala Granara and go for a swim 7th stop - then we will go visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world till the last one Cala Soraya where we will for a last dip in the beautiful turquoise water right from the boat 8th stop - Then we will go to Cala Corsara for our last swim of the day and to take pictures 9th - We head back to the Palau port for drop off