Why rent from us

Rentaboat.com lets you easily search for the perfect boat rental in the most popular destinations with real time availability, current photos, boat rental rates and more. It’s up to you if you want a captain or guide as most of our rental boats are available with or without one.

How to rent a boat

Search boats

Start by searching for boat rentals in your preferred area. Review boat details, current photos, rates, star ratings, and booking requirements.

Book a boat

Once you find your perfect match, request to book that boat! Once you request to book, you will receive the boat owner/facilities contact information which allows you to communicate with them directly!

Set sail

After your booking request is confirmed, arrive at the rental location and sail away on your rental boat!

Complete your profile

After booking your first boat on RentABoat.com, you will receive a renter profile. Sign in using your email and password to view past and present rentals with us! You can also upload a photo and write a short bio to help boat owners get to know you before renting their boat! If you're already a boater, make sure you fill out your boating information and experiences.

5 steps to reserve

  1. Choose a location
  2. Choose your perfect boat
  3. Choose your time/date
  4. Enter your information
  5. Receive confirmation from the boat owner

Contact us

Please click here for more information or feel free to contact RentABoat.com! Give us a call at 631-286-7816 or send us an email at Info@RentABoat.com! We would love to hear from you!