Sea Living Positano, 36 Feet, Positano, Salerno

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Boat Description

the boat is jeranto 11, 36 feet. we can welcome 12 passengers. SERVICES • Shower • Beach towels • Snorkeling equipment (mask and snorkel) • Floating tubes • Music • Fruit Cut • Soft drinks • Snacks • Prosecco and Typical liquor • Double Bed • Bathroom

Boat Details

Boat Name: Sea Living Positano

Location: Positano, Salerno, Italy

Body of Water: Amalfi Coast

Make: tecnonautica

Model: jeranto 11

Length: 36 Feet

Passengers: 12

Captain or Guide available for hire: Yes

Area and Attractions:

Positano The best way to admire the beauty of the town is certainly looking at it from the sea: a tangle of tiny and colorful houses, clinging firmly on the sloping rock... dominated by the imposing and colorful dome majolica of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Along the coast one can still admire the ancient Saracen watch towers and not far away, the bewitching archipelago of "Li Galli", a group of three islands considered former residence of sirens. But beyond the magical landscape, Positano has always had great traditions: the famous "Moda Positano", the precious "jewel sandals" so beloved by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy; the artistic works in hand-painted ceramics, the production of limoncello and the local cuisine obviously inspired to the sea. Praiano Less famous and therefore more suitable for those who want a peaceful holiday, Praiano is actually an established tourist destination. An old fisherman village, it was chosen by the Doges of Amalfi as a summer residence during the period of the Maritime Republics. Just like all the other villages of the coast, the sea is the best way to appreciate its beauties, including the two main beaches of Marina di Praia and Gavitella; the Africana Grotto and Suppraiano Cave. To night life lovers we recommend a dancing night at the Africana, the first night club of Amalfi coast and now famous disco with international performances. The Fjord, Furore Continuing our exciting journey along these coasts, our next stop is Furore, where you will be catapulted into a typical northern landscape with the most incredible fjord. Highly recommended is a trip to the small town where every year many artists enjoy painting the homes of the "furoresi", "drawing" the sweet melodies of the sirens and the scents of golden lemons. The Emerald Grotto Tucked away in a corner of the coast of Conca dei Marini, the Emerald Cave is a natural grotto which will literally take your breath away. In addition to the main entrance (also accessible

Rental Details


Marina Name: Positano

Cancellation Policy: if the weather is not good we refound your money back.

Tax Rates: %

Reservation Deposit: $300

Security Deposit: $

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