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We provide an easy solution to boaters worldwide. RentABoat.com is a boat rental online marketplace connecting boat owners to boat renters. Potential renters can search boats listed by private boat owners, boat rental facilities and charter companies from around the world. They can view boat details, availability, rates, past renter experiences, and star ratings. As a boat owner, you're in complete control. You set the rate, your availability and your requirements. Thousands of boaters have listed and rented their boats successfully on RentABoat.com. List your boat for free or rent a boat though our network and you too will see why we are so successful!

Our story

RentABoat.com is a sub-corporation of Hilderbrandt Industries. For over 50 years the Hilderbrandt family has owned and operated marine related businesses. RentABoat.com's main operations are handled from their marina, Beaver Dam Boat Basin in Brookhaven, New York. Beaver Dam Boat Basin is a company that specializes in boat rentals, jet ski rentals, boat services, storage, and slip leasing.

President and CEO of RentABoat.com, Kenny Hilderbrandt, was born and raised in New York on Long Island. Surrounded by water he became a passionate boater and thought, “Why not rent boats out of Beaver Dam Boat Basin?” In 2004, Kenny started the boat rental division of his marina using www.boatrenting.com as his domain name. After receiving phones calls from individuals around the world looking to rent a boat, he realized there was a big market for him to connect boat renters to quality boat owners.

While brainstorming how to create a boat rental site that would connect boat owners to boat renters, Kenny faced a few obstacles. Back in 2006 the term peer-to-peer was just starting to become known. Kenny initially targeted boat renting facilities to list their rental boats on his site. He built a system that would rate both boat owner and boat renter by their rental experience. This allowed boat owners to become comfortable with the idea of renting their boat to potential renters. Another obstacle Kenny faced was making boatrenting.com cost effective for everyone involved. He designed a system that did not cost boat owners any up-front financial investment. Kenny was opposed to charging advertising fees and believed in simply collecting a commission on each boat rented from RentABoat.com.

He developed a boat rental clearing house and marketplace. Kenny wanted boat owners to have an online presence that they could have full control of. His system allows boat owners to upload photos, describe their boats, set rates and control their own reservation calendar while reaching millions of potential boat renters from around the world

The system allows for online reservations and sends an email to the boat owner when a reservation is made. Boat owners decide who rents their boat and when, and they can decline any reservation as they please.

Boat owners set the price, availability, deposits, fees and can temporarily deactivate their boats for service, seasons, or holidays. Boat owners can add users, add new boats and edit their profile to attract potential renters. Kenny also created a number of online reporting tools which allow boat owners to print rental reports, rental agreements and a renter’s boat rental history report.

Since 2004, we developed a new site with improved features called RentABoat.com. Since BoatRenting.com forwards to RentABoat.com, we will still happily answer to both names. Not only do we own the number 1 boat rental domain name, BoatRenting.com but we also own RentABoat.com, JetSkiRentals.com, JetSkiRenting.com, and YachtRenting.com. Why does this help your boat rental services? Having boat rentals, and rent a boat in our domain name impacts our website's success in nearly every area, including search engine optimizations (SEO), such as Google and social media marketing (SMM). RentAboat.com is a win-win for both boat renters and boat owners.

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RentABoat.com is an online boat rental service dedicated to connecting boat owners/boat renting facility with individuals looking to rent a boat. As all boat owners know, boating is expensive. RentABoat.com offers all types of boaters the opportunity to earn extra income and make their watercrafts profitable. Chartering your boat will not only allow you to support these costs but will allow others to share your passion for boating.

We have over 750 boats in over 300 different locations, reaching most of the major US boating markets. With locations in Bahamas, Mexico, Croatia, Greece and beyond, RentABoat.com has grown to offer boat renting services all over the world. Want to try it out? Sign into our demo listing.You can try all of our features by using our DEMO facility. To sign in, use DEMO as a username and DEMO as the password. If you have a website, we can add a link that directs potential renters to your website. Are you interested in using our Display Ad method? Sign in using DemoAd as a username and DemoAd as the password to view a demo display ad listing.

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