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How it works

RentABoat offers an easy way for boat owners to rent out their boats and for boat renters to find the best boats in great locations.Boat owners can list their boats for free and control all terms of the rental with an easy to manage online system. Boat renters can easily search by location for the perfect boats in great locations and book online in just a few clicks.

How to rent a boat?

Start by searching for boat rentals in your preferred area. Review boat details, current photos, rates, star ratings and booking requirements. Once you find your perfect match, request to book your boat and get ready to enjoy your boating experience.

How to list a boat for rent?

Create a listing

Creating your boat listing will only take you a couple of minutes. Simply fill out your full name, email, and create a password. Once you press save, you will be able to edit your profile and add your boat inventory. After your listing is complete, your boat will go live on for millions of boat renters to view. Boat renters will be sent to your boat listing page where they can review your boat details, rates, current photos, star ratings, availability, and booking requirements. Customers from all over the world who are looking for boat rentals find us through one of our 15 websites. You can pick and choose the customers you feel comfortable with through our “Customer Past Rental History Rating” report. At no time are you obligated to rent your boat to anyone you don’t feel comfortable with. We also give you the option to select from a list of captains to run your boat.

Accept bookings

Boat owners/facilities will receive booking request via email. You must contact the boat renter to confirm their booking request.

Collect money

Boat owners must deduct RentABoat's online booking fee from their listed rental price. Owners can collect the remaining balance and deposits before the rental date or at the rental location.

Welcome your boat renter

Meet your renter and provide them with a short safety briefing on how to use your boat, hand over your keys and get ready for the next reservation request.

Why choose

Safe and easy

We offer the right options for boat renters and boat owners. Both renters and owners can rate their experience allowing other renters to find the perfect boat and boat owners to find qualified customers.

Boat rental insurance is available, although not mandatory, and can be purchased by the boat renter through Geico's Peer-to-Peer Boat Rental Policy.

You're in control

Boat owners and renting facilities create a listing page and choose their preferred payment method. Boat Owners set the price, availability, booking requirements and decide who rents your boat and when. Boat owners and renting facilities can also require additional deposits or fees. You have total control over your boat listing. At any time you can login to edit or deactivate your listing for free!

Please note, RentABoats default payment method is percentage advertising. If percentage advertising is not your preferred payment method, please view our other payment options and contact us at

What other methods of payment can boat owners choose?

For more information regarding RentABoat's payment options, please view our boat owners FAQ here.

Do you want to try out all of our features right now?

You can try all of our features by using our DEMO portal. Sign in using Demo as a username and Demo as the password. If you have a website, try our Display Ad listing, we can add a link that directs potential renters to your website. Sign in using DemoAd as a username and DemoAd as the password.