Why Rent From Us?

Anyone can use RentABoat.com! You do not have to be a member to search boats! We are a fee free online reservation site! Yes, you read that correctly, we are fee free! No membership fee, no monthly dues. You have access to your dream boat within minutes!

Easy booking with fast and easy boat owner to renter communication!

How To Rent A Boat

Find your dream boat using our search database! View rates, boat availability, live photos, and reserve your dream boat in one click!

5 Steps To Reserve

  1. Choose a Location
  2. Click Search
  3. Click Your Desired Boat Picture
  4. Choose A Date
  5. Click "Book Now"


Please click here for more informaion or feel free to contact RentABoat.com! Give us a call at 631-286-7816 or send us an email at Info@RentABoat.com! We would love to hear from you!