The Average Boat Owner Spends over $5,000 per year on recreational boating!

We all know owning a boat is expensive. The initial purchase price of a boat is just the beginning. The average boat owner spends another $5,000 per year on maintenance, slip fees, insurance, fuel and more. What’s more, the average boater hits the water 18 times per year. If you do the math, an average boat outing costs the owner more than $300 and that’s on the low side. Consider a luxury yacht or a higher end power boat and the numbers exponentially increase.

For those of you who have always longed to own a boat, it’s a smart move to try out renting boats first. Not only do you get to use the boat right away, but the owner takes care of all the costs including license fees, maintenance fees, docking fees, storage and insurance. These can really add up fast. gives you a wide variety of boats to choose from including luxury yachts, power boats of all sizes, sailboats, pontoon boats, jet skis, charter boats and more. We offer flexible scheduling to fit your needs. Choose either short-term rentals, such has half or full days, or rent a boat for your entire vacation.

All vessels come equipped with the necessary safety and recreational gear. This offers another savings to you as a boat renter as you don’t have to purchase hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of safety equipment and water toys to use.Ski boat rentals come with skis, life preservers and if you ask a question or two, you may even get a quick instructional lesson from the dock.

Be sure to consider the importance of learning the basics of boat safety. Many states offer free and low-cost boating safety instruction.

Renting a boat before making a substantial investment in one just makes sense. gives you the best of both worlds. Let us help make your next boating vacation perfect!

10 Reasons Why Renting A Boat Is A Better Choice

  1. When you reach your boat’s location, hop on & take off! You do nothing but enjoy the water.
  2. No need for a towing vehicle
  3. No washing, waxing or storing after a day on the water.
  4. No making an expensive boat payment during the months of winter storage.
  5. No maintenance expense.
  6. Less expensive than owning a boat.
  7. All equipment is provided (skis, jackets, ski rope, etc).
  8. No need to purchase a water recreational permit.
  9. A variety of boats to choose from.
  10. You can share the cost with friends.